Color Consultation

Color solutions

0_0_0_0_238_134_csupload_63473198_largeClark-Pro understands home is a reflection of who you are and how important your color choice can be. *Every one of our new clients receives a one hour color consultation from a Sherwin Williams color specialist to maximize the potential of your living spaces.

After your color consultation, a Clark-Pro representative will schedule a visit to apply a sample of your chosen colors prior to the project start date. This part of the process helps customers visualize the color on their walls and make adjustments in advance, if needed.


1.    Drive through neighborhoods or look for homes you like in books and magazines.
2.    Consider the similarities and differences between the homes that catch your eye and your own home.
3.    Think about how specific painting elements could be applied to your home.
4.    Consider landscaping, your climate, materials, and the style of your home.
5.    Always look at paint chips outside in the light at various times of day, bright sun washes out colors and can make distinctions between shades of color less dramatic. Colors will also appear different when viewed in sun versus shade.
6.    Paint dries darker than when first applied, so if you are painting swatches on your home let the paint dry thoroughly before making your decisions.
7.    Consider the colors of nearby homes and avoid clashing with their colors if possible.

*Consultation not included on Angie’s List coupons or other promotions where client receives a discounted rate.